Fencing for foreigners

Were you a free time fencer before moving to Hungary? Are you looking for a new, interesting and stylish sport that trains your body and mind? Would you like to meet new friends?
Join our fencing club and attend our next beginner course held in English!

For beginners
3 courses – 10 trainings per course (60 mins)

Price: 18 000 HUF / course

  • the basics of fencing – theory, physical training
  • special techniques for legs and arms / training with and without the epee
  • fencing with all the required equipments

All equipments are provided by the club!

For advanced fencers
you could join our trainings held in English, or you can take private lessons to improve your skills. In case you become a member of our club, you are free to challange our fencers.

Season ticket: 10 000 HUF / 6 trainings / 45 days
Membership fee: 12 000 HUF / 30 days
Private lesson: 5000 HUF / training
Fencing school: 2500 HUF / session

For further information write an e-mail to amatorvivas@gmail.com (Dávid Hanti)